Controllers & IOT

Solar Pump Controllers are specialized devices designed for managing and optimizing the operation of pumps, particularly in off-grid solar power applications. These controllers are an integral part of solar-powered water pumping systems, commonly used in irrigation, livestock watering, and providing potable water in remote areas where traditional power grids are unavailable.

  • Easy configuration for a class of motor types
  • Designed to run even in low solar power
  • Solar Pump Controllers
  • Higher performance with in-build MPPT
  • Thermal overload shut down to avoid damage to the Controller


Key Features:

  1. RMS is capable of MQTT or HTTP data uplinks implementations
  2. GSM/GPRS based solar drive monitoring unit
  3. Location mapping via network co-ordinates
  4. Nano Sim Support & Sim ESD protection
  5. Compatible with external antenna & extendable Micro-SD up to 64gB
  6. Robust Modbus transceiver with ESD,EFT & Surge Immunity